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Hello There!

After the birth of my son, I struggled with massive postpartum hair loss. Like many women, my concerns were met with, "Bodies are different after pregnancy." After 15 years in the industry, I knew hair loss was common, but I wanted to know WHY.


My nerdy brain wanted to know WHAT was happening, and HOW I could help woman and men, such as yourself, that struggle with thinning hair for any of the multiple reasons hair loss occurs.

Janelle Moerdyk Hair Loss Practioner.jpg
Fresno Hair Loss Specialist.jpg

I understand how isolating your hair struggles can be, and how frustrating it feels to find contradicting information down the google rabbit hole.


This inspired me to pursue advanced training in Trichology. (The study of the hair and scalp).


As a hair loss specialist, it's my top priority to create a space where you can feel comfortable to share your struggles, concerns, and hair goals. To provide you with healthy, scientifically backed solutions for your hair.

Fun Facts About Me

  • When I'm not at work, you can find me at home, trying to finish a cup of coffee, while chasing around my toddler.

  • I was born in Thailand and moved to the States when I was five.

  • I'm naturally introverted but once I'm on a rant, look out! My stories are a journey that go from point A, to point 3, to a side tangent that, may or may not, make it to point B.

  • I love to read. I love when you find a book that you just can't put down! I will totally understand, and encourage, if you bring a book to your appointment with you!

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